Windsong Dianne Martin’s Biography

Singing Songs From The Heart To The Heart.

Windsong Martin is a singer songwriter currently residing in Williams, Southern Oregon, U.S.A. She lives with her family on a beautiful piece of land, at the foot of Greyback Mountain, graced by a rushing mountain creek, blessed by a fresh water spring and beautiful forest in the Siskiyou Mountains.

Windsong accompanies herself with a variety of instruments including the guitar, dulcimer, and rattle. Her style ranges from folk ballads, to tribal rhythms, to reggae beats. Her lyrics evoke images of the power and beauty of nature and the vision of a compassionate humanity. Thru the years she has become a voice for the preservation and appreciation of the natural world sharing her songs at ceremonies, benefits, concerts, festivals and rallies, teaching songs to many and inspiring unity and hope in a time of uncertainty.

Windsong (Dianne) has been singing her whole life, starting out in school and church choirs as a child. Windsong is Canadian by birth, gaining much inspiration from the exquisite beauty of the oceans, rivers and diverse plant life of British Columbia. She began writing original songs in 1978, inspired by meeting an Eagle on the beach on Gabriola Island in British Columbia. Her first song was titled, “Free Spirit Eagle Fly”. She has written scores of songs since that time.

Traveling to Big Island, Hawaii in 1978 opened up a new world of songs and inspiration. She was active in creating the “Celebration Family” gatherings held on Big Island during that winter of 1978. This attracted a wealth of musicians who formed life long musical friendships.

In 1979 Windsong moved to Southern Oregon falling in love with the beauty of the Applegate Valley. She lived at a community called Trillium Farm, on 80 acres in the Little Applegate Valley for 8 years. Windsong was actively singing, sewing, farming and teaching music and Home Ec, doing environmental work and community organization. She helped create the “Trillium Healing Gathering” a benefit for that land which brought many healers, musicians and teachers together, and continued for 20 years.
In 1987 Windsong married and moved to the Williams Valley, still in the Applegate watershed where she and her husband raised their 3 children. Their home has been an active ceremonial and gathering grounds for many people. Windsong has continued sharing music in the community, forming several choirs, performing as a folk singer, teaching elective public school and home schooling programs, as well as guitar and vocals privately. She continues to learn and write a wealth of folk and ceremonial songs for the Women’s movement, environmental movement and ceremonial community. She has actively hosted a multigenerational Women’s Retreat for the past 20 years.

The Chant, which is most well known and familiar around the world, is “Mother I Feel You.” This was channeled thru her while she was lost in a deep trance meditation while sitting on top of Spencer’s Butte, on a sunny afternoon in 1984, in Eugene, Oregon, USA. She woke out of meditation singing it and pounding on the ground. Since the first day she began sharing it ,many people have learned it, singing it all over the world. It has been translated into many languages. It has been recorded in many different musical projects and used in movie soundtracks. The common thread in all of these endeavors has been the people’s love for the Earth.

Windsong has produced, recorded and released 5 albums. “Songs to Celebrate Life” a collaboration with David Hummingbird, “Carry Me”, “Mother I Feel You” and “Soul Reflections” solo albums and the collaborative CD called “Wake up the Vision” with her singing partner Kat Del Rio, backed by their SpiritEarth band. She produced two original singles available on CD baby “Ode to Water” A choral work with music score, and “One Soul Searching” These albums all have the common thread of being songs from the heart, offering hope and strength. All are available thru her website

Windsong continues to be highly active musically and ceremonially, dedicating her life to the protection of the environment and water, and living a simple life with her family, growing food and supporting the health of the community. She truly enjoys hearing from others who have been singing her songs and welcomes contact. She can be reached at


Solo Albums

All Original Material
written by Windsong
“Carry Me”(Windsong Dianne Martin) 1987
"Mother I Feel You"(Windsong Dianne Martin) 1996
“Soul Reflections”(Windsong Dianne Martin) 2006

Singles by Windsong

“One Soul Searching”Single thru Cd Baby (Windsong Dianne Martin) 2011
“Ode To Water”Single thru CD Baby (Windsong Dianne Martin) 2012

Collaboration Albums Featuring songs written by Windsong and other artists

“Songs Of Water” 2015
“Earth Water Air Fire” Alevi Dreamtime Productions 2014
“Wake up the Vision”Windsong & Kat del Rio /Spirit Earth Band (2006)
Mystical Earth BlessingsKat del Rio Solo Album (2006)
Songs to Celebrate Life(Duo with David Hummingbird) 1986
Circle of Life(Earth Beat Records)
Circle of Women(Earth Beat Records)
Infinity(Micheal D)
Circle of Friends(Kai Jackobson)
Saving Grace(Trillium Farm Benefit Album)
Tribal Stomp(Tribal Stomp Benefit Album)
Bush League Hits(Bear Dyken 2001 Forward Prod.)
Light On the Water(Gary Cooper)

Videos including Windsong’s music

“Ode to Water” YouTube Video
From the Heart of the Fire(Rainbow Spirit Video) (1998) Available thru YouTube
Medicinal Fields(Jane Bothwell) (2001)
Birth as we know it(Elena (2006)
“Saving Old Growth Ancient from Logging in Oregon’s Coastal Range and Cascades Mountains” Educational Communications, Inc. L.A. (2004)