Solo Albums

All Original Material
written by Windsong
“Carry Me”(Windsong Dianne Martin) 1987
"Mother I Feel You"(Windsong Dianne Martin) 1996
“Soul Reflections”(Windsong Dianne Martin) 2006

Singles by Windsong

“One Soul Searching”Single thru Cd Baby (Windsong Dianne Martin) 2011
“Ode To Water”Single thru CD Baby (Windsong Dianne Martin) 2012

Collaboration Albums Featuring songs written by Windsong and other artists

“Songs Of Water” 2015
“Earth Water Air Fire” Alevi Dreamtime Productions 2014
“Wake up the Vision”Windsong & Kat del Rio /Spirit Earth Band (2006)
Mystical Earth BlessingsKat del Rio Solo Album (2006)
Songs to Celebrate Life(Duo with David Hummingbird) 1986
Circle of Life(Earth Beat Records)
Circle of Women(Earth Beat Records)
Infinity(Micheal D)
Circle of Friends(Kai Jackobson)
Saving Grace(Trillium Farm Benefit Album)
Tribal Stomp(Tribal Stomp Benefit Album)
Bush League Hits(Bear Dyken 2001 Forward Prod.)
Light On the Water(Gary Cooper)

Videos including Windsong’s music

“Ode to Water” YouTube Video
From the Heart of the Fire(Rainbow Spirit Video) (1998) Available thru YouTube
Medicinal Fields(Jane Bothwell) (2001)
Birth as we know it(Elena (2006)
“Saving Old Growth Ancient from Logging in Oregon’s Coastal Range and Cascades Mountains” Educational Communications, Inc. L.A. (2004)