“Windsong’s voice brings to mind: clear water, fresh wind, untainted soil, wild critters, and fruitful gardens. From out of the far north she came long ago to the U.S. to help anchor a back-to-the-land movement in the Pacific Northwest. With both her walk and her talk, she has lived-the-life for decades, creating heart and hearth for generations of Earth lovers with her true voice, her pure hearted lyrics and her hosting of countless annual community gatherings. She helps support our Native Elders and helps ensure our young women are raised in the wisdom of women’s ways. This authentic and legendary friend of the wild is the real thing, a goddess, warrior protector of Gaia…a founding member of the ‘Clan of Earth Warriors.’ Where would we be without her pure, beautiful and unpretentious voice?”

Joanne Rand


“Windsong has been an inspiration to me since I first heard her sing in 1986. Her voice, her songwriting, and her activism on behalf of Mother Earth have been a soundtrack to my life. I am honored to call her friend and always blessed to hear her sing.”

Alice Di Micele


“With a voice of striking beauty and clarity and a deep soulful presence, Windsong’s music inspires and uplifts her listeners with heartfelt melodies & lyrics ~”

Lisa Thiel


“Windsong is an amazing singer/songwriter whose music and lyrics continue to be relevant for these times. Her career has spanned three decades, all the while gracing us with songs that open hearts and minds. Windsong is a devoted presence at the summer music festivals in Southern Oregon, often leading the opening and closing of the festivals with sacred songs and ceremonial water blessings, as well as performing beautiful sets from the stage. It has been a pleasure to listen and dance to her music for over 20 years.”

Joseph Lian

Co-producer of Inlakesh and Peace Village Festivals.


“Windsong is an beautiful song carrier whose original songwriting reflects many years of deep connection stewarding, cultivating and loving the earth beneath her feet. A Grandmother to the Rainbow song tradition, I have heard her songs sung in circles all over the world and translated into many languages.”



“ Windsong’s beautiful music joins together the folk music genre with a long ancient line of Earth Wisdom. Her songs are sung from the voices of our daughters and grandmothers, reminding us to honor all life and celebrate the good things in this world.”

Murray Kyle


“Windsong has been an inspiration to me for many years.  Her voice is like a cool mountain stream, bringing healing and beauty to her listeners.  Her ability to express sincere emotion, and imagery through her songs creates a beautiful journey through sound.  I have heard her song “Mother I Feel You” sung by groups of people all over the world countless times.  Indeed she has made a beautiful contribution to the world through her music.”

Sasha Rose


For many years I have been privileged to hear and be blessed by the music of a local Ashland icon, Windsong. Her name says it….Windsong is a voice of and for the Earth Mother. Many times over the years when I would attend a festival or ceremony, Windsong and her singing partner, Kat del Rio, would share beautiful harmonies and heart-felt songs that they have written and recorded.

But it wasn’t until I hosted an evening house concert that the beauty of their gift really impacted my heart. In that intimate setting, sharing harmonies and encouraging the sweet small crowd to join in, I really “heard” their music for first time. The beauty and depth of their hearts really shines through the lyrics, encouraging us all to embrace the Earth’s beauty and our own place in it. Our world is truly blessed to have these enlightened troubadours!


Garden Way House, Ashland Oregon

“Windsong Martin is a wonderful, Spiritual musician from Southern Oregon.  She and her husband Ohana live on a Pristine Homestead in the Williams Valley.  For those interested in Windsong’s music I would say that she is Very Blessed to have a Pristine Voice.  She is one of those rare singers whose tone is pitch perfect and conveys the Most Heartfelt Awareness of Spiritual Love. I have seen her in dozens of venues, large and small, and in many different situations over the last 35 years and Her Message of Love for The Spirit, Love of The Mother Earth, and For Peaceful Relations between All The Nations remains as the Constant Hallmark of Her Sacred Legacy. She is always one to offer words of Encouragement, and a Prayerful Stance for Healing and Understanding between All Beings. Her songs are delivered in an Absolutely Clear Soprano Tone, with perfect annunciation.  There is never any doubt about what your Hearing, it is a Voice that Comes Directly from The Spirit and Directly form The Heart Of The Ancient Elders.  Her Message is, Compassionate, Uplifting, and Soulful, to such a High Degree, that it is common for people listening her to start crying with the joy and sorrow while Being touched by Her Angelic Presence.  There is never any question that She is Speaking For The People, for World peace, and for Personal Healing.  She is a fantastic Leader of Gatherings and Ceremonies, and most Eloquent Speaker, and Humanitarian of the Highest Level.  She leads hundreds or thousands of people in Singing Her Anthems of Love, and She is beloved By All Who Hear Her Voice.”

Sharanam Anandama

Music Producer, and 35 year friend of Windsong

“I’ve had the pleasure of singing and recording with Windsong at a number of different venues on Maui and in southern Oregon. She is an amazing songwriter and gifted musician…. Her voice is sweet and clear and her melodies are hypnotic. A true spirit folk goddess.”

Micheal Sky singer/songwriter

“I had the good fortune to discover the music and spirit of Windsong at the Oregon Country Fair in 1988 and have been a fan ever since. Within a few years I was blessed to be included in her extended Cultural family as well, and the following will reveal that accuracy and partiality can stand side by side without one intruding upon the other.

Windsong’s skills as a singer, songwriter and performer have long been apparent to her musical and cultural community, but the foundation of her art and entertainment is not to be found in mere talent! It’s her deep feeling for all peoples, her uncompromising stance in defense of our natural environment, and her devotion to the higher spirit of love, peace and cooperation that enables her to bring forth beautiful and meaningful songs of inner beauty, strength, freedom and hope and to communicate these feeling to an audience.

In songs like “Waterfall”, “Green Valleys”, “Blue Heron Flies” and “Mother I Feel You”, Windsong’s lyrics lead us through dreamlike views of our planet that are actually real and available to all if we love them enough to save them. In “People Be Strong”, “All My Relations”, “Fires Of Spirit” and “Choices”, she gently urges us to realize our natural gifts and stand with each other in the cause of a more peaceful, just, cooperative and civilized planet. “Time Passing By” removes all historical dates and places us in a timeless moment where we gratefully contemplate the nameless spirit of the eternal time that has been the truth forever. “Spirit Shining”, “One With The Sun”, “Mother Goddess”, “Thankful Grateful” and “Eternal Flame” offer gratitude to the spirit that gifts us with all the elements of earth, water, fire and air and all feelings and abilities that enable us in all endeavors.”Heal The Nations”, and “Take Heart” are prayers for a higher personal and planetary consciousness that may lead us to be at peace of mind as individuals and at one with all other beings on the planet. In fact, it becomes clear that all Windsong’s songs are prayers and love songs in one form or another.

So far, So good! But in reality songs are just words or notes on paper until a voice and instruments make them come alive. Few bring a lyric and music to life as well as Windsong. When she sings her classic “Mother I Feel You” (sung the world over) we feel the earth under our feet as well. Her singing of Green Valleys places us blissfully in the midst of a heavenly garden. With Her vocal on “People Be Strong” she firmly points us onward to a healthier existence but with deep compassion instead of command. When she laments a destroyed portion of land in “Sugarloaf Lament” and declares that her heart is crying, we cry along with her. The melody lines are always appropriate to the theme and the vocals are beautiful, heart felt and straight forward, sung with character and true feeling and without any flash or gimmicks, which is but one reason she’s been able to maintain a high standard for over 3 decades.

The easiest way to hear all this good music is to acquire some of WIndsong’s recordings, available thru her website windsongmakani.com but the best way to appreciate Windsong is live, where her spirit truly shines. She enjoys being with you and feels honored when you attend and share the musical spirit with her and her excellent musician friends. So get in touch and get on board! You’ll be glad you did!”

Percy Hilo



So thankful for the songs you bring into our hearts.

Teya Jacobi