Reviving Sacred Woman Song Book

This songbook is an offering to encourage females of all ages to celebrate their lives. The songs are for Birth Blessings, Coming of Age, Women’s empowerment and honoring Elders. The songs are collected from a wide variety of songwriters who have generously offered their songs. Windsong also shares simple ceremonial outlines for marking the life transitions of a girl child who grows from baby to maiden to woman to wise woman.

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Ode To Water by Windsong Martin 2010

The Waters of the Earth in all of her forms are in serious need of prayer and healing.
There is only a finite amount of water on this planet.
The same water that we use today was being used millions of years ago.
Never has the water been so abused.
We all must be more conscious and take care of our Water for the future generations.

This song was given to me by the water and was written upon my return from the 6th Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, in Lincoln City, OR 2009. This tribute was inspired by the heartfelt prayers of Agnes Baker Pilgrim, the late Corbin Harney and countless others around the world who are focused on healing the Water. It has been my experience that any time this song is sung there is a transmission of great blessing and harmony for the singers, the audience and the elemental beings.

I hope many people will learn it and share it around the world to inspire gratitude and awareness for our Precious Water.

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A portion of the proceeds from this song will support Water Conservation organizations. At the bottom of this page is a list of organizations actively working on Water quality, preservation and conservation.

“Astrological Aspects of the “Ode to Water” Song”

The astrology sign Pisces is a water sign representing the spiritual or psychic aspect of water. When recording the first take of “Ode to Water”, Windsong went to Tucson and stayed with Lisa Thiel over the Full Moon in February 2010. At this auspicious time, the Sun (vital life force) was in Pisces, Jupiter (good fortune, blessings) was in Pisces, Venus (love and inspiration) was in Pisces, and finally Uranus (the lighting-bolt awakening planet) was in Pisces. This created an especially open and auspicious container for creating the harmonies and vocal over-lays which came thru. One part came from the river in Sabino canyon, Arizona. Later, when Lisa did the cover painting “Mother Water,” as a gift for Windsong’s birthday, she wanted to capture that magic again, so she painted it during all three moon phases in the water signs: Moon in Scorpio- power or transformation, Moon in Pisces- mysticism and spiritual influence, and Moon in cancer-the Great Mother energy. During all of this period Jupiter, the good fortune/ blessing planet, was in Pisces, the mystical water sign, and closer to the earth than it has been in 50 years, signifying great spiritual blessings.

The final recording was done with the expert assistance of Dennis Dragon at the Pacifica Studios in Williams Or. on the full moon in June 2010, right after the Good Medicine Women’s Gathering 2010, live with Windsong, Lisa Thiel, Di Patterson and Kat Del Rio singing. The spirited instrumental parts were added later by Al Torre on guitar, the late Brett Claytor on Keys, Richard Cole on Bass and Dennis Dragon on drums. The song and art were uploaded to the web on the Full Moon in November, 2010.

This song has a truly unique spirit.


Love Windsong

Water Conservation and awareness organizations